KINGPENG GLOBAL HUSBANDRY attended annual conference of Super-dreamer sow-farm d

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comfort can be one of themostidealcommentsfor“home”.Inthesameway,sow’sdreamhomehastobecomfortable,environment-friendlyandeffective.ThegeneralmanagerofKingpengGlobalHusbandrywasinvitedtoandjoinedthe2016......

comfort can be one of the most ideal comments for “home”. In the same way, sow’s dream home has to be comfortable,environment-friendly and effective. The general manager of Kingpeng Global Husbandry was invited to and joined the 2016 “Super-dreamer” sow-farm design annual competition in Beijing,during which he discussed topics that related to design and construction of sow’s farm with leaders of specialists in this area , sow-farm designer and operators. Plus, the deputy Chairman called Wang Lei of the company not only made a speech, which called <Modernized design and construction of sow-farm>, but also acted as a honored guest on the interactive forum to communicate and discuss with conventioneers.



  KINGPENG GLOBAL HUSBANDRY was invited to annual conference of Super-dreamer sow-farm design


the deputy Chairman called Wang Lei of the company made the speech <Modernized design and construction of sow-farm>



North European sow-farm constructed by KINGPENG GLOBAL HUSBANDRY



Distribution of draught fan in North European project


                                              Kingpeng Universal Livestock Feeding System Central Kitchen



                                       Successful Application of Kingpeng Universal Livestock Feeding System



 Kingpeng Huanyu the appropriate scale of the design of animal husbandry, planting and breeding of the family farm model


                            Kingpeng Huanyu Livestock recently won the "Top Ten System Solution Enterprise Award"

What should sow’s ideal home actually look like? In our opinion, it should have three features, includingcomfortable,effective and environmental-friendly, together. Moreover, it should pay equal attention to technique,process and profit. During transitional and raising period of this industry, an increasing number of pig breeders realized significance of hog-farm’s design and contribution. Kingpeng welcome and expects more communication,sharing and discussion with peers in this business in order to realize our goals and dreams of hog’s home and assist to improve general level of domestic farm breeding.   

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  • KINGPENG GLOBAL HUSBANDRY attended annual conference of Super-dreamer sow-farm d

    comfort can be one of themostidealcommentsfor“home”.Inthes......Details

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