System for recycling cow bedding material lets dairy cow lie down

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The more comfort is sleeping condition , the higher is milk yield

System for recycling cow bedding material lets dairy cow lie down

Offer dairy cow comforts, offer cow plants profits

Lying can facilitate blood circulates to breast, increase rumination time and decline claudication. Therefore, enhancing lying percentage is significant for milk yield. Transfer manure to cow bedding material can make more comfort to cattle and more profits for operators.


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 Cow enjoys comfort lying


 Comparison between high-yield dairy cattle and normal dairy cattle


 The benefits of lying for dairy cattle


 Relation between lying and limping



Time and temperature for cow manure fermentation


Bedding material after dealing has much small quantity of Colon bacillus than market organic fertilizer


After disposing, cow bedding material’s total amount of Bacteria is close to European raw milk standards


Recycled cow bedding material making system


Recycled cow bedding material making system used in cow plant



 Terminal control by computer or mobile terminal


 Practical example of recycled cow bedding material making system



Paving the cow bedding material


Cow bedding materials made from cow manure can provide comfort lying condition for cattle



Uses of cow bedding material in dairy cow playground


Pay attention to comfort of cattle;improve dairy cow’s milk yield and healthy level; start from perfect sleeping condition! Under assistance of recycle fermentation system of cow bedding material, cow manure achieved a metamorphosis and becomes cow bedding material to continue its services in plant. This recycle system is an advanced technology that not only is friendly to environment and animals but also has economic efficiency. This system worth more attention!

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  • System for recycling cow bedding material lets dairy cow lie down


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