Comprehensive Manure Treatment – Manure Storage

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The membrane” method that turns waste into treasure

As a leading company in the husbandry machinery and facilities industry, Kingpeng has a comprehensive system of solutions for waste treatment. This leads us to the “membrane” solution that solves all the problems mentioned above. Our recommended membrane storage technology is a solution that takes all three factors— labor, cost and profit into consideration.





Site photo of slurry lagoon with membrane ready for use



Slurry lagoon in use filled with slurry


Technical Principles

The storage lagoon functions via the membrane technology. First a lagoon needs to be excavated. Location of the lagoon can be within the manure treatment area or adjusted according to need. After the construction of the lagoon, slurry collected from the pigsties can be stored in the space between the bottom and floating membrane. As the volume grows, the floating membrane will rise. Also, a draining pump is installed on the membrane to pump out the rainwater by manually switching on the pump on time. A service tank is constructed beside the lagoon, the slurry is transferred into and out of the lagoon via the service tank. There is also a pump installed in the service tank to transfer the treated manure into spreaders to irrigate farmland. With such a system, no concrete protection layer is needed during the construction of the lagoon, thus saving cost and labor.






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  • Comprehensive Manure Treatment – Manure Storage


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