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  • Advantages of Ventilation and cooling system

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  • Advantages of Ventilation and cooling system

    Advantages of Ventilation and cooling system 

    1.The cooling pad and fans consist of the ventilation and cooling system,make the temperature about 20-27°C all the year round. 

    2.Fully automatic electric control,the runing of the fans are according to the temperature within the chicken house.When the temperature is higher than about 30°C in summer,all the fans will run itself.And when the temperature is lower than about 20°C,the fans will stop,leaving only two fans for ventilation.As the temperature raising,the quantity of running funs will change automaticlly,and the limited temperture can be set by yourself.                                                  

    3.The air holes help to ventilate in winter,and all the cooling pad and fans can be shut off.                          

    4.The cooling pad is make of high quality paper,it's very durable and Corrosion resistance.                              
    5.Stainess steel fans with high quality.

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  • Electric control system

    220 Volt-60HZ

    The control panels are foreseen to be operated also by stand by generator with auto-switch at customers' care and charge. Any modification to allocate only some functions to the stand by generator will have to be agreed upon and separately quoted.Feeding electric power in front of building.

    Front Panel board, suitable up to 42 motors, IP127 , complete of main switch and accessories.

    PVC Panel board, 8 units for manure belts motors up to 8 motors, complete with main switch and auxiliary contact.


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